ACN Reviews: Knowing The Truth Behind The Company

by Guillaume Parra on 10/10/2011

ACN reviewACN Reviews- Is ACN a Good MLM Company?


If you are reading this ACN reviews it is because you’re looking into ACN network marketing opportunity either because you are an existent representative of the company or because you want to join the company and you want to know more about the ACN opportunity and/or to know what people think about it. Before going on to read this ACN reviews, I do want to disclose that I am not an ACN representative, so you can rest assured that you will be getting a true third party view on the company.

ACN Reviews: The Company Overview

First of all, ACN is known to be an MLM company that has been operating for a very long time already since 1993. They are based in Farmington Hills in Michigan and as of the moment, they are already operating in different countries all over the world. ACN is well known to provide different kinds of services ranging from satellite TV, home security, cell phone services and among others. ACN is well known to provide a variety of services that can cater to different needs of the people regardless of where they are because ACN makes long distance service possible.

ACN Reviews: Products

This ACN reviews can definitely show how the company can be very effective when it comes to providing services to different customers. Some people are doubting about the reliability of ACN as a company and some may even think that they are just a part of a scam but with the ACN reviews, the truth about their quality services can definitely be revealed.

Different Products And Services Offered

There are several products and services that ACN are offering to the customers. First of all, they offer high speed Internet at very reasonable costs.  They provide DSL services through different providers like Covad, Qwest and Verizon. These DSL services are only known to be available in certain locations with good signals for high speed internet that is why there can be some limit when it comes to the coverage of the service.

Aside from this, they can also offer reliable digital phone services for video phones. ACN has created several innovations when it comes to their digital phone services which are the reasons why many people are really becoming interested in availing such. They do not simply offer the phone service for video phones but they can also offer it for ordinary phones. This can show that the ACN company can be very versatile when it comes to catering the different needs of customers. In line with the digital phone service, they can also offer long distance services which also have a significant demand from the customers.

As what have been stated previously, ACN can also offer satellite TV services that can truly provided optimum entertainment experience for different customers. It must be known then that the company is just a reseller in this case. ACN is now working hand in hand with huge satellite companies which are Direct TV and even Dish Network.

Home security services can also be provided by ACN but like the satellite TV service, the company would also only function as a reseller. They work with ADT, one of the leading companies when it comes to home security, in providing the services to such customers. ACN reviews definitely prove that the company is truly able to provide various services to support the different needs of the people.

ACN Reviews: Compensation Plan

The ACN start kit cost $ 499 then you will be entitle to the conpensation plan. When you become an ACN representative you can get paid by two different ways. You get paid a percentage of the sales you personally make  on the products and a percentage of sales of your team. You also get paid a bonus according to the number of new representative that join your team and that include new reps brought by some-one in your downline during the month.

ACN Reviews: My Opinion

I think, ACN  is definitely a credible company with quality products and a solid business opportunity. The ACN leadership in place is good, quality products that everyone use every days and a fair compensation plan.  However, all of that is not enough if you want success. Even if it is sure that to be with a good company is crucial to your business, your success will only depend on your ability to enroll new representative, sell products and grow a  team of distributors. One of the most important thing will be your ability to market and generate leads. My recommendation is that you use a proven Attraction Marketing system that allows you to brand yourself, generate leads, make money from different income stream even when people don’t join while building your MLM business and enroll people on the back-end.

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