MLM Advertising – Where Do I Start?

by Guillaume Parra on 22/11/2011

MLM Advertising: How To Succeed In Network Marketing


MLM advertisingWhen we first get involved in Network Marketing, or MLM, we are always kind of at a loss for places to advertise our product or opportunity.  Most often, our upline tells us to simply contact every person we have ever met and approach them with our offers.  For some, this works.  Most of us would rather find another approach to build our business like MLM advertising.

The next suggestion we may be likely to receive will be for various forms of MLM advertising such as classified ads, postcard mailings, bulletin boards etc.  More advances offerings will include such items as radio or television advertising co-ops, newspaper ad co-ops or seminars.

Unfortunately, most of these suggested forms of advertising cost money, sometimes a lot of money, to get involved with.  On top of that there is no way to predict a response or to determine in advance how many leads we can expect.


What is the best course of action to take for MLM Advertising?


There seems to be no better life skill to learn than that of generating your own leads on the internet.  Once you know how to generate large quantities of leads at will, you are able to determine your own destiny.  This frees you from being dependent upon any particular Network Marketing company or supplier.  You are the one that drives business and sales and therefore have a strong position in the MLM world.

Most internet marketers would suggest that you get started generating leads using free methods.  They may be a bit slower than paid methods but they can pay huge dividends, not the least is being able to learn without worrying about spending money and not getting an income from it.

Generating leads through the internet can be as easy as getting an ebook or series of articles that you have the rights to use and customize for your needs, a splash page and an autoresponder.  Here is how it works:

You write or purchase the rights to an ebook that relates to marketing or starting a home business.  You get a splash page (Google “splash pages” for a large selection) that has a space for people to input their name and email address.  Sign up for an autoresponder, which is a fancy name for an automated email system.

When this is in place you join some forums, start posting on blogs, place internet classified ads and other activities to get people coming to your splash page for a free ebook.  They sign up and you are in business.

Don’t over-complicate this, mostly it is just doing a lot of the same things day after day until you have a downline.

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MLM Advertising

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Isabel Vosakalo December 26, 2011 at 19:51

If you own a home based business you can use referral marketing to attract other people into your business to increase your multiple income streams and help build wealth.

Audrey Noteralda December 27, 2011 at 02:03

Ensure your business is classified by Google business listings and Google Maps ?? and get your opportunity around the best page.

TUA Enterprises January 13, 2012 at 01:13

Right on, developing leads has by far become easier than ever before. The trick is to keep it simple, be patient yet consistent, and don’t vomit all over the net.

Blogging, developing relationships via social media, and definitely splash pages with auto responders in order to build a list is essential. Contact, Share, Follow Through, Teach!

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