MLM lead generation

by Guillaume Parra on 09/07/2013

mlm lead generation

Do not neglect MLM lead generation!


Most successful network marketers got to where they are through effective MLM lead generation strategies. After all, lead generation is the most important activity in running a network marketing business. Your business won’t be able to grow or expand if you have weak lead generation skills. Leads don’t necessarily equate to customers but they are the main sources of your business’s revenue. In short, leads are the lifeblood of your network marketing company. Without them, there would be no cash flow. Today, there are various ways on how to conduct MLM lead generation. Thanks to the power of the internet, recruiting is no longer limited to house parties, family, and friends.


Not all leads are the same. Their qualities differ depending on their sources. That said, when you are implementing an MLM lead generation strategy, you also have to keep an eye on where you want your leads to come from. In this age of the internet, leads can come from anywhere. They can come from the search engines. They can come from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. They can come from forums. They can also come from textual or image ads you set up. So if you’re planning on an MLM lead generation strategy, think of where you want your leads to come from so that you can devise a plan that will effectively cater to it.

Here are a few secrets on how you should go about with MLM lead generation:

  • Organize a marketing plan. Just like any form of business, you must have a marketing plan on how you are going to recruit the leads that you need. There are literally hundreds of marketing methods out there. Obviously, you can’t just go in and try to use every single one of them because you will only be wasting your time. What you need to do is focus on just a few methods that have proven to be effective when used by other network marketers like yourself. Build your marketing plan around these few strategies. Some of the most effective MLM lead generation techniques out there include blogging, email marketing, article marketing, social media marketing, and pay per click advertising. It’s best that you focus most of your efforts implementing these methods.


  • Leverage the power of network marketing systems. These systems could be in the form of online networks or communities where the top producers in the industry congregate and show each other how MLM is done. A perfect example of these MLM lead generation systems is Big Idea Mastermind. You can leverage the influence and experience that the top marketers have for your own advantage. This is especially important if you are just starting out with MLM. You can also learn a ton of other MLM lead generation tactics that you can use outside of the system.


MLM lead generation is not easy but it’s not too difficult as well as long as you have a solid marketing plan and a system/community that is more than willing to help you out.


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MLM lead generation

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