Internet Business Models – What Works and What Doesn’t!

by Guillaume Parra on 10/05/2013

internet business modelsIf you are studying how to make money online then you will soon discover that there are some internet business models that work and some that just don’t. Why is this?

Simply put, not all business models are built on sound principles to begin with, and at the end of the day these business models must offer something duplicatable.

If they don’t, then it’s not worth spending time with it, right? I want to share with you some top internet business models that deliver, and why they work for anyone. Are you ready to learn how to make money like an internet rockstar for life?

Internet Business Models that Work

Let’s talk about internet business models that really work. I don’t mean every single affiliate program, but I am talking about the STRONGEST affiliate programs out there and what they offer you.

If you want something that works, let’s talk about not just promoting a product but rather a platform that allows people to promote their business as well as make money on the platform itself.
The one I am talking about I use myself and it works. The Empower Network is a platform like no other, and it’s taking the internet world by storm. There are some blogging platforms that are NOT internet business models, but rather just a venue to put your information out there.

That’s great; but why not choose the model that allows you to monetize in more than one way? This is why Empower Network is one of the greatest internet business models of all time, and why it’s growing by hundreds daily.

Internet Business Models that Work but Not for the Consumer

Okay, so now that we have talked about one of the best internet business models that help folks make money, what business models online don’t work?

How about EBay? Sure, it’s still around and there are still millions that use it, but from a business perspective it’s not all that user friendly for the sellers. This can be frustrating, and it can cost you so much money NOT to sell anything. Why not choose something where you can learn from industry leaders and earn money at the same time?

There are some models like Etsy where auctions don’t really occur, and that’s probably best because listing fees are less depending on the item. This only works for handmade items though, so I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best internet business models, would you?

Again, when we talk about what makes money we want to focus on those things that can be duplicated and help anyone earn an income. These are the internet business models that work, but if you have a niche market for handmade items, then it works great!

What type of internet business models have you tried? Where have you invested money that worked before? There is plenty of opportunity online, and the craze is growing as people continue to lose their jobs around the world.

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